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Massage Escort Marbella Sexy Girls

Massage Marbella – Enjoy And Relax From Everyday Stress

Welcome to the enchanting world of Casa Masa’s Massage Marbella. It is the perfect place to regain a spanking new life, completely aloof from the exhaustion of the hectic daily life schedule. Here you will find the shade of an exquisite attention and care to each inch of your body by our beautiful girls in Marbella. You will enjoy a royal treatment during the massage as our masseuses have expertise in this art of endowing complacency to their clients. As soon as you enter the massage space, you will be the dweller of an unimaginable world of pleasure wrapping you in a soothing ambience.

Massage Marbella emphasizes on a healthy lifestyle and to improve the receiver’s physical and mental vigor. Highly-stressed lifestyle has now become the most fitted adjective of our life that culminates into the weakening of natural functioning of the body and mind. So it is necessary to find a safe and allaying way of relaxation to revive the waned body, mind and soul back to life. The unique way of massages and caress lighten stress and tension and encourage a healthy way of living.

Casa Masa Massages in Marbella will take you to a tour of such a wonderland where all sensations will feel to relish the taste of real pleasure. Feel good with sensual and sensitive strokes of our maestros pampered with the mysterious touch of eroticism. An outstanding flair will captivate everything within you in its magical laps and you will be the debonair or the doyenne of this incredible Heaven. Our experts will make you enjoy with them with an erotic body to body massage and will fascinate you with this magnificent environ perfumed with the aroma of renascence. Please take a look at a small selection of massages we offer below.

Tantric Massage

Tantra paves the way of usage of sensuality for the spiritual enlightenment. It can change the energy level in the body and can revitalize to strength and actual consciousness. This massage completely filled with eroticism and is performed with hands and body as well. It includes soft but firm strokes on the body with body to body massage techniques. A great ambience contributed with sensual notes and faint light-effects will endow a mesmerizingly reposing experience.

Massage for couples

Enjoy any of our massage arts with your soul mate in the alluring solitude of a heavenly suite with the adroit touches of our masseuses. Consonance and aphrodisiac is the underlying essence of this art. Both of you will feel the real hedonism in the harmony of two souls and bodies into a sole identity.

Four Hands Massage

This specialized massage art is performed on the body of the receiver by two masseuses treating every cell of your body with gentle strokes and caress tuned with relaxing movements. You can experience intense pleasure with tantric art and erotic body to body massage technique.

Nuru Massage

It is a tantric massage art. It is a special massage performed on the whole body as well as the genitalia of a man to relax his senses and stimulate him to a state of blissful sensation. During the sessions, the receiver will remain passive and just cherish the eternal feeling of being relaxed with the wondrous touch of eroticism. Feel the orgasm without ejaculation. Just experience a reincarnation from the stresses and jim-jams of life.

Lingam Massage

It is a specialized Tantra Massage art, too. Lingam or the male genitalia holds a genteel form in the Tantra which defines it as an amicable source of hedonism to man. Lingam Massage bestows a simple way of erotic massage which brings sensuality to new limits. Perceive the stream of pleasure flowing through your todger to the whole body and expanding its affable perseverance up on your psyche.

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Leticia is an amiable masseuse with lots of experience. She will treat the exhausted portions of your body with extreme care to rejuvenate your senses. Her magical touches will take you to the peak of relaxation where you can enjoy amazing moments to reduce stress. She is proficient in this art and has expertise in all branches of massages to satisfy her clients in every way they want to relax themselves. Enjoy an erotic massage from her and relax.



Eva is an expert masseuse that works independently from Casa Masa but offers her services in our rooms, like every other woman. She is glad to bestow an extreme relaxation to your body with a purely sensual and erotic massage pleasing every inch of your body. You can enjoy the massage alone or with your partner in a light ambience to soothe the worn out senses from your daily escapades. Enjoy any kind of massage by this charming and beautiful woman.



Meet Laura, a massage therapist from Marbella. She is complemented as an adept in the art of massage and can perform any kind of massage you want. The long gliding strokes with slow and soft movements will endow you a pleasant sensation. Sensual body to body, classical, holistic, tantric, lingam and nuru massages and even more are performed by her with exquisite magical touches of eroticism. Her touches will drive you to new heights and pleasures.





Karol enjoys giving massages as a big hobby of hers. She is pleased to offer her services to women, men and couples, too. An erotic massage with gentle strokes of her experienced hands will repose your senses. Enjoy a sensual massage with your partner where both of you can rejuvenate and completely relax all of your senses. Experience the hedonism with her incredible and pleasurably caress. She works independently in Casa Masa and is happy to meet you.



Marilyn is an experienced Marbella Masseuse and well known for her abilities. She has a thousand ways to bestow you pleasure; the way you want is completely your choice. Sensual body to body massages, relaxing full body massage covering every inch of your body, classical massage, holistic massage and tantric massages for both men and women with her special erotic touches are the doorway to hedonistic paths. You will not regret having her caress you.



Nicola has been giving massages for many years now. Her relaxing strokes with soft but firm movements will revitalize your worn-out senses to a new life. The pleasant aromatic ambience with a soothing massage given by this wonderful lady will relax every muscle of your body with eroticism. Every cell will be given a pristine status with comfortable massage to the genitalia, too. She enjoys giving tantric massages to both men and women.


Personal Hotel Pickup Service

limousineWe’re confident that at this point you could be quite interested in visiting us personally and spending a bit of quality time with the guests in our house as well as enjoying a massage service. We would be very happy to welcome you here and can also serve with free parking spaces and travel information, should you require it.

However, as a prestige service, we are also offering pickup and transport via limousine from your current hotel or house so you can fully enjoy this evening. Savour tastful drinks in our bar without having to worry about how to get home again! Just give us a call and we will arrange all the necessities for you. We are happy to go the extra mile for any and all of our guests and hope to welcome you soon.

Come and visit us in our awesome nightclub in Marbella.